Vita Fitness

During Your stay in the sanatorium Marta You will improve
not only your health, but also beauty.
capsule DERMA LIFE is a modern multi-purpose device for beauty treatments and relaxation therapies .
has six unique features :
  1. infrared capsule
  2. steam room for the whole body ,
  3. vibrating bed
  4. aromatherapy
  5. air on his face,
  6. chromatherapy (red and blue light).
    The steam heats the surface of the skin and body , the cover body moisture coming from the heated steam, which by nature has therapeutic properties.
    steam therapy is the combination of two elements:
    1. heating
    2. humidity .
      steam covers the skin with moisture and opens the pores , warms the body , increases circulation in the cells and improves metabolic activity .
      water vapor leads to an infusion of moisture to our skin and body because the heated water is absorbed into the body through the pores . This method creates a protective barrier that prevents the evaporation of moisture from our skin.


      Thai massage with hot herbs  is performed by specially prepared cotton stamps , which are shredded herbs and spices.

      Massage with hot stones affects the body , through the use of mechanical stimuli in the form of pressure on the body to cause physiological reactions
      massage stones used are sourced from specially selected areas of high volcanic activity , yet clean (eg, Hawaii, Bali).
      They are made of basalt volcanic origin , are circular in shape and dimensions to fit your hand. Its smooth surface makes it easy to glide over the skin. In addition they offer excellent heat storage coefficient , which allows you to perform both a hot massage and foot shocks stones.
      heated stones are used to massage the body , and the acupressure . Differently sized stones are adapted to massage different parts of the body. The largest stones are used to massage the body , the smaller is placed between the fingers of hands and feet and face. This procedure takes about half an hour .
      stone massage is a form of impact on the body, which uses mechanical stimuli in the form of pressure on the body to cause physiological reactions .
      In addition, hot stone massage affects the expansion of the blood vessels, and thus , increases the blood flow to the muscles , accelerating the delivery of nutrients and at the same time results in more efficient elimination of waste products .
      Massage affect: 
      first Skin:
      • facilitates breathing skin
      • improves skin nutrition
      • accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph vessels in the skin
      • improves elasticity and firmness , and thus look
      • helps combat cellulite
        2 muscle tissue
        • increases the ability of muscles to work
        • improves the tone and elasticity of the muscles ,
        • regenerates after prolonged strenuous exercise
          3 circulatory and lymphatic system :
          • improve the work system ( vascular gymnastics )
          • facilitates the outflow of venous blood
          • reducing resistance in the arteries of the heart easier
            4 nervous system:
            • calming and relaxing ,
            • relieves stress .  
              Hot stone massage is a treatment perfectly complementary physiotherapy complex activity whose goal is the restoration of the damaged organs.
              It is also used in fitness clubs , recreational accelerating processes , thereby increasing the body's ability to exercise .
              combination of hot stones of appropriate techniques of massage is beneficial for tired , stressed body and mind of modern man , relaxing and regenerating the whole body .
              foot reflex massage  is to unblock the flow of energy around the areas of the body, as well as the elimination of pain and tension found in specific areas or organs.
              zones extend along the body from the toes to the head on both sides in pairs . During the massage, are better supplied with blood vessels , which stimulates the nerves around 72000 on the sole of the foot and has a positive effect on the whole body .
              In reflexology, reflexology receptors map shows the locations of the refleksujących ( reflexology receptors ) located on the bottom surface of the foot. Massaging these areas has the effect of improving the well-being and health.
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