Relaxation Zone


Relaxation Zone
TheRelaxation Zonewas created foryourperfect conditions fora relaxing holiday. It's a placewhere you cantake care of yourbody and soul.Time there will help Youfullyrecuperateandrelaxduring your stay.
We offer:
Sauna: temperature of 60-100 °C, humidity 10- 20%.
• cleanses the body oftoxins
• loosens,relaxesand allows you toease the tensionsresulting from thestress
• allows you toregulate thepressure spikesandimproves circulation

Steam bath:temperature40 - 46°C, Humidity:100%
• enhances the effectsand causesdeeper penetrationof cosmetics andmedicinalpreparations
• helpsin removingtoxins from the body
• improvesskin elasticity and firmness
• helps in weight loss

A salt water bath:temperature40 - 46°C, Humidity:100%
• is thepreventionofdiseases ofthe upper respiratory tract
• strengthens theimmune system

Sunny meadow tanning

• enhances vitality,
• increasesthe production of vitaminD
• providesthe effect ofsofttan, notexposing askinfrom premature ageing.

Sunny meadow collagen
• stimulatesthe formation ofcollagen
• improvesskin elasticity and firmness

• coolsthesauna
• strengthens the immune system
• elasticityand firms the skin

Massage-zoneis atwo-stationroom wherewe offeryou a widthrange of massages, body scrubsandsparituals.

Peelingcombined with massage:
Fulfilledpromise - Strawberry
Purifyingthe body, improves color, brightensthe skin.


Stimulates circulationwith oxygenskin cells, restoresthe skin's naturalsmoothnessandsoftness.

Fruit Paradise-Liczi
Dynamicallycleanses the skin, reducesitsdryness and roughness,clearlysoftens andsmooths the skin


Perfectly cleansesandsoftens the skin, improves blood circulationand oxygenation ofthe skin, perfectlymoisturizesand gentlynourishes, leaving skinsilky to the touch.

Raspberrytouchofbio-caffeine Guarana

Removesdead skin cells, cleanses andhelps removeaccumulated toxins,
stimulatesmicrocirculation, improvesoxygenation ofthe skin, smoothsand firms the skin, intensivelynourishes, moisturisesandhydrates the skin, makes the skin softand silky smooth

Relaxes, nourishes andrelaxes, reduces celluliteand stimulatesthe skin's metabolism.

red wine
perfectly cleansesandsoftens the skin,stimulates the synthesis ofcollagen andelastin,improves blood circulationand oxygenation ofthe skin, actsagainst radicals

sensual Paradise
slimming treatmentwith a green apple. It affects thereduction ofunnecessaryroundingandslenderwaist,runningModellingforwomen,improvesblood circulation,oxygenation ofcells,strengthens the skin,mineralsupplements, firms, improvesskinelasticity and resilience.

Spa Rituals
Steam bath,herbal bath, peelinglychee,lycheemassagebalm,
massage, facialorfoot, champagne/cocktail

chocolate ritual
Relaxation Zone,chocolatescrub,chocolate massage,CafeMarta /cocktail

Fire ritual
Relaxation Zone,juicyorangepeel,orangemassagelotion,massagewaxaromaticcocktail/drink.

Aromatherapy massagerelaxes,smooths,regenerates thebody's vital forceandstrengthens the immune system, restoringharmony of bodyand mind.Massagewith the use ofcertainessential oils havea calming effect.
Rose massage
Aloe massage

Massage with a aromaticwaxcandleis a great wayto unwindand relax.Provides the skin withlong-lastingsoftnessandhydration.

Relaxation massages
Massage with hotvolcanic stones
Thai massagewith herbal stamps
Chinese cupping massageduration
Massageof the face,neckand décolleté
Reflexive foot massage
Relaxation massage
Anti-cellulitemassagewith chocolateą  
Reservationscanbe made by phone 94 36 45 720 or



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