Sanatorium Marta specializes in the treatment of rheumatic diseases , inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system , degenerative diseases , conditions pourazach and locomotor operations . Our treatments developed primarily based on mud and brine , whose rich deposits occur in the region Polczyn Zdroj. You can use both the Fango mud and direct body wraps .

We offer a hot tub. They improve blood circulation in the body , which ensures better oxygenation and nutrition of the affected .

In our offer you will also find herbal bath . Specially selected by experts ingredients are absorbed through the skin. Thanks to this work quickly and efficiently.
For patients with hypertension offer carbonic acid bath at a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. With the skin capillaries dilate causing bradycardia and hypotension .
our sanatorium effectively treat the laser light.
offer treatments that make situated deep blood vessels dilate which provides an increase in local metabolism.
Our Patients also recommend cryotherapy . Just a few minutes at a temperature of minus 180 degrees to feel like a new man .
electrical treatments , ie diadynamics , iontophoresis , electroplating , interdyn , magnetronics , ultrasounds are improving blood supply to the regeneration of soft tissue , accelerate the healing of wounds and broken bones , analgesic effect .
I do not think anyone needs to be convinced about the relaxing massage action .
Sanatorium Marta offers massages < / div >
  • classic
  • relaxation
  • palpation - lymphatic
  • mechanical massage . < / ul >

    massage improves blood circulation and venous and lymphatic support the activities of the venous pump , reduces fatigue and muscle and mental relaxation . < / p >

    Our physiotherapists will help you get back to full strength thanks also to specific exercises . The equipment we gyms highest quality. We offer classes in gymnastics individual , group exercises in the area , including Nordic Walking .
    Very popular with our guests enjoy an infrared sauna .
    It has no steam, and the temperature is lower than in the sauna, the classic because its operation is based on the infrared .
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