Połczyn and around

Polczyn Spa is a spa town with a tradition , known for its intimate streets and the spa gardens . Beautiful scenery , numerous hiking and biking trails make the area Polczyn guarantee a good rest.

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Bike path
POŁCZYN ZDÓJ - Toporzyk - SŁOWIANKI - Cieszyno Drawski - Złocieniec - 27 km

Few years ago, closed down the rail on the route Polczyn Spa - Złocieniec. The cycling route , which was established on the embankment leads to Polczyn Zdroj to Zlocieniec... The " trail collapsed tracks " of Polczyn Zdroj can reach st. Koszalin ( highway outlet to Koszalin, Świdwin ) and safer - of the street. Brave or Warsaw Uprising (away towards the Świdwin by Bierzwnicę ) or Spa Park - st. Sobieski sanatorium " Borkowo " past the buildings of the village Międzybórz , forester Ostrowąs we enter the path. The route leads through the most beautiful landscape around Polczyn spa . Significant differences in altitude , valleys, where the rivers are flowing rapids , many ponds make up almost mountain landscape. The village Słowianki or Cieszyno Drawskie can use the swimming , camping and water sports equipment rental . Trail for almost the entire length (except for about 2 km section of the community Ostrowice ) has an asphalt surface and is ideal for lovers of roller skates , roller-skates or skateboards . safe route because it is allowed for the movement of other vehicles except bicycles. Easy trail available for small children and the elderly

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Mushroom - The surrounding forests are famous for its abundance of fruits of the forest.


Church of the Immaculate Conception in Polczyn-Zdroj

Historic , neo-Gothic Temple Catholic , located in the center of Polczyn Zdroj , in the vicinity of the main boardwalk - main route . It is the seat .

Castle knight (prince ) in Polczyn.

Originally wood and natural defensive team probably XII - XIII (?) . Until the beginning of the fourteenth century was one of the seats of the Dukes of Pomerania and then passed into the hands of chivalry families . The main reconstruction took place in the fourteenth century - the site of the original foundation built a new castle , at the beginning of the sixteenth century - the reconstruction after the fire , and in the eighteenth century - the baroque palace hill on medieval foundations remaining after the destruction at the behest of the then owner of the old fortress . Today the building is a baroque , and it consists of two -story buildings joined together in the shape of the letter L. The most interesting part of the palace are definitely cellars , including the oldest, preserved in its original version as part of the building . Today, the castle library work , functions here as a gallery and exhibition of old postcards.

Old Town

Old Town Polczyn Zdroj was founded in the fourteenth century to today partially preserved medieval urban layout of the city, however, dominated the nineteenth and early twentieth - century buildings . Recently rebuilt the city center , referring to the image of the old town of the early twentieth century created a new pedestrian street . Grunwald, which gives the city a unique spa atmosphere.

Spa Park

Brunnspark Polczyn - Zdroj is one of the finest of its kind in Poland. It occupies an area of ​​80 hectares and is divided into a part of the English and the French . It is this latter is the oldest - built in the years 1836-1839 . Have built up a number of fountains and water pump-room historic " Joan " . In the English you can see ponds, wooden bridges and gazebos .
The park is growing more than 60 species of trees and shrubs , including more exotic . Many specimens are over 100 years old. In the central part there is a theater of the early twentieth century , can accommodate 2,500 people . It takes place in the many events and activities . Adds charm at the park located somewhat off the beaten body of water " Polczyn Spa " .

Road salt

Salt Trail is marked red trail leading from Kolobrzeg to Czaplinka . Its total length is 152 km . It takes a regional and inter alia Bialogard Tychowo and Polczyn - Zdroj. Once a route that followed the traders carrying salt from the Baltic to the Wielkopolska.


Between villages and Gaworkowo Czarnkow on the hill Will Gora ( 216 m) , there is a lookout tower . In 2005 , the State Forests built an observation tower, which is also available for tourists. This reinforced concrete structure in the shape of a cylinder with a height of 48 meters . After 216 degrees, you can climb to the observation deck, located at an altitude of 41.3 m from the terrace you can admire one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Lake District Drawskie.

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