Other Diet's

dining options are a modern kitchen, dining room and small bar. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the charming, air-conditioned room with a spectacular view of the park. Healthy and delicious meals based on traditional Polish recepturachi only natural ingredients. The security of żywienioym ensure specialists in nutrition who plan meals as your doctor, in accordance with prescribed diets.

In our facility we use the following supplements:
1) DIET digestible
- is the simplest modification of the basic diet of healthy humans. It is used mainly for various gastrointestinal disorders and nutrition in the elderly, the gastrointestinal tract has been running less efficiently.
2) Diabetic Diet
-diet for people with diabetes should be close to the nutritional healthy.
primary objective of diabetic diet is to:
  • provide adequate energy and nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body
  • optimal blood glucose
  • maintenance of normal lipid profile and adequate blood pressure which will reduce the risk of complications
    3) DIET 1000 KCAL, 1500 KCAL
    - a wholesome diet reducing weight. Designed for people with overweight and obesity, and for those who want to reduce some weight.
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